The Instagrammers – Food & Graffiti Tour Discover the Lower East Side

The Instagrammers – Food & Graffiti Tour Discover the Lower East Side

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Location: New York
Tour: Guided Tour
By: On foot
Lower East Side & Essex Street Market
Discover NYC through trends, food, graffiti and more!
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2 hour
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It's a 2-hour walk around the Lower East Side neighborhood ... to discover the trendiest and “Hottest” places that are ruling New Yorker’s sidewalks and Social Media accounts searching for the most photographed & liked pictures on Instagram ... A tour dedicated to pure fun and tasty desserts!

Why The Instagrammers?

Desserts, Ice-cream cones, Milk-shakes, and colorful drinks ... This summer, we want them all colorful and abundantly decorated with a variety of sprinkles, candies, toppings, and extra sweetness. In New York City, we could not miss this new Summer Trend, and the neighborhood that was ready to welcome these Unicorn-style Desserts could only have been the trendy and young Lower East Side.

Highlights of Graffiti & Food Tour

2-hour private walking tour
Lower East Side and its history
Professional Tour Guide
The colorful sweets and dessert that are making New York go crazy
Essex Street Market
The Graffiti around the Lower East Side

The Trends Tour in New York

Here is the ideal tour for anyone looking to discover and experience one of Manhattan's emerging areas, which in the past 8 years has become one of the favorite “corners” for young New Yorkers, artists, as well as famous & recognized people in the entertainment industry. The tour includes three stops at selected popular spots to "taste" and take dozens of photos of some of the most iconic desserts and treats of the Summer. If you want to make sure your Instagram account is up to par with the latest trends, then this tour is for you! Become Insta-famous with the Instagrammer Tour.

Unicorn: the Ice-cream that makes New York go crazy

We have Hong Kong-style Ice-creams with Bubble Waffle, Unicorn Milkshakes, and Unicorn Lattes if the day is too cold for ice-cream! And then we have the UBE ice-cream ... (pay attention to the pronunciation: OO-BAE)

But do you know what UBE ice-cream really is? Originally from the Philippines, it has become famous for its deliciously purple color ingredient; it is a root similar to a potato but with a more hearty and nutty flavor similar to hazelnuts.

Not enough? It’s naturally purple in color! (Tasting is not included in the price).

Looking for Graffiti in The Lower East Side

To complete our tour, we will discover some of the most colorful gates we have around the city, we will talk about the 100 Gates Project and the story of this incredible neighborhood.

The 100 Gates project was born from Billy Rohan an NYC skateboarder and founder of Samurai. The project plans in collaboration with the Lower East Side District Business Development Department to transform the neighborhood into an "open gallery" during the night hours when the local stores close for the day. The artists are paired with the shops and collaborate in the design of these graffiti. There are currently more than 80 completed gates and many more in development. A perfect way to bring home so many beautiful photos!

“100 Gates Project” (Lower East Side) + Bowery Wall
The Lower East Side Between Graffiti & Foods with Your Guide!


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$ 160.00 from 1 to 5 pax
$ 190.00 from 6 to 10 pax
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1 Free in a group 1/5 * Age requirements: 0 - 12 years old
2 Free in a group 6/10 * Age requirements: 0 - 12 years old


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