In New York with the Snow, the 2021 Sign and Christmas


The magic of the Snow in New York City

It is impossible to remain indifferent to the magical show that New York can give under a blanket of snow! Last week almost a foot of snow fell to the ground. As always with big snowstorms, I dressed for the weather to fend off the cold and the snow, and with my camera and iPhone, I ventured out to capture photos and videos to share with you all. Here are two Shorts Videos to share the magic of the Snow in NYC with you and especially for those that had plans to be here this Holiday Season but couldn't travel. 



Snowstorm Gail Photos - December 2020, NYC

The 2021 Sign has arrived in Times Square

Even this year, Times Square will lit up the new year sign -- 2021 on top of the #1 Times Square Building. The square is famous for hosting the most-watched New Year celebration in the entire world. The numerals 2021 - for the New Year celebration have arrived in the city.

There are 526 low-energy bulbs to light the numerals. They have traveled a long way, departed from California, arrived in the Big Apple on Monday, and will remain in Times Square until today, Wednesday, to be photographed by all of us. They will be positioned at the top of the One Times Square building ready for the ball drop on New Year's Eve.


Everything will be virtual this year. Here's how and where to follow it

  • The whole world can follow by tuning in on TV, Online, or on Social Media.
  • There will be Live Performances again this year including Jennifer Lopez.
  • The Live WebCast will start at 6 PM (New York) and you can follow it live from anywhere in the world.
  • If you are in the United States, you can check the local tv stations (CBS, NBC, FOX) for the live broadcast of the New Year's Eve party.
  • Only 50 people will be invited to be present in Times Square. The Times Square Alliance will invite 50 Essential Workers / Health Care Workers. For everybody else, the square will be closed to the public.
  • The Ball Drop will be there like every year including the confetti falling from the nearby buldings.

Live Webcast of the Ball Drop 2020/2021

New York Welcome wishes you a Merry & Healthy Christmas

We have missed you so much this year. We have hoped until the end to be able to have you here at least in this final period of the year to share with you the magical atmosphere of Christmas ... Unfortunately, this 2020 had different plans. Despite how difficult this year has been for us all, we sincerely hope that these Christmas Holidays will bring some magic into our and your lives. We hope that with this new 2021, we can return to a more normal life with lots of health, the love of our loved ones, work for everyone, and many travels, maybe even to the United States. Merry Christmas everyone.