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Subway MTA

The Subway (The MTA subway) is the most loved and hated among all public transports of New York City. The faster without a doubt since it avoids the rush-hour street traffic, it is reliable and the tickets can be easily purchased at each Subway Station.

It takes you everywhere and it is not hard to learn to navigate the system. In almost all stations, you will find the MTA Machine where you can buy single-ride or multi-rides card:
  • Single Ticket ($ 2.75 valid for 2 hours))
  • Unlimited 7-day Card / $ 32.00
  • Unlimited 30-day Card / $ 121.00
Both of the PASS are valid for unlimited rides. Now the MTA charges a convenience fee of $ 1.00 for each new MetroCard purchased at the machine, but you can avoid paying it by maintaining and reloading the same card. The New York Subway, or Metro, as you prefer to call it, is not only a form of public transport, it is much more! Some aspects of the "Life in New York City", you will find them just as you wait for the train, and even inside the train, you'll see, it's a beautiful journey!!

Subway map

The same MetroCard is also valid for the bus network. It's true that the bus runs on the surface and it allows you to see the city, but it is also true that the traffic sometimes makes it long even for a short drive. The stops are frequent, and in any case you are always inside the bus. On the other hand, if you like Buses, we recommend the Double Decker PASS, commonly called Hop on Hop off, allowing you to hop on hop off the buses at your leisure, and you get to sit in the fully open-top, perfect location to take Photos and videos.

Taxi and UBER

While until recently there were only Yellow Taxi, the famous Yellow Cabs were the only regular taxis, they have now added the Green Cabs, serving the areas north of Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens and the famous Uber Cars. When taxis are in service and are available, the number placed over the roof is lit, when out of service next to the number you will see the message "off duty" lit. The taxi is commonly taken right from the street with a simple wave of the hand. Although the number of taxis is very high, remember that during peak hours and especially with the rain, it is almost impossible to find one! Customary to leave a tip at least between 15% -20%. Warning not all taxi drivers speak good English so be careful when you give the address, be sure to be well understood.

Taxi and Uber: we compare rates and services. What costs more Taxi or Uber? Taxis, at least in NYC, are more cost effective, (at least 10% less) cost less but the vehicle can be a bit "worn out" and often English is barely spoken by the taxi driver. Uber offers a different type of service and different categories of vehicle:
  • UBER-POOL / UBERX: It's a shared taxi system, called Share Ride, for a lower rate then the usual UBER rate for a economy car. Fixed $ 2.55. + $0.35 Per Minute. + $1.75 for Mile. The Minimum rate is $ 8.00. Penalty for cancellation $ 5.00
  • UBERXL: It's a machine that can accommodate more people (minivan). Fixed $ 3.85. + $0.50 Per Minute. + $2.85 for Mile. The Minimum rate is $ 10.50. Penalty for cancellation $ 5.00
  • UBER / SUV: The classic VIP-SUV to accommodate more people Fixed $ 14.00. + $0.80 Per Minute. + $4.50 for Mile. The Minimum rate is $ 25.00. Penalty for cancellation $ 10.00
  • UBERT: They are yellow taxis associated UBER, in this case the payment is made directly to the driver + Tip


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