Fall in New York: What to do and What to see

Our Guide to the Fall Events in The Big Apple

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New York Weather in the Fall

Is your next trip to the Big Apple scheduled for September? Then, all the information about the month of September, weather, climate and events, you will find it in the page dedicated to Summer in New York. In New York, the real Fall starts with October, a month that still gives you a mix of warm and cool days, few rainy days, and beautiful foliage landscapes in city parks such as Central Park, or along the Boulevard such as Park Avenue, or in the north part of Manhattan. This is the perfect time to take long walks and take wonderful photos back home with you, or enjoy a cruise around the Island of Manhattan, or perhaps celebrate the Oktoberfest at Bear Mountain State Park.

Weather & Average Temperatures in New York in October

New York City’s weather in October: In the first two weeks of October, high temperatures during the day arrive, and sometimes can exceed, 68°F/ 20°C but the lows can also drop down to the low 50s°F / 10°C during the night. Perfect weather for all outdoor activities. Towards the end of the month, temperature get a bit lower but it is the best time to admire the foliage.

Average Precipitation in October in New York

October is one of the least rainy months of the year, an average of 9 days of rain per month, do as the New Yorkers do, look at the weather before you leave the house / hotel, most app will tell you if and when it will begin to rain and where in the city (neighborhoods.) Might not be 100% accurate all the times, but always better than nothing. Weather in New York.

What to See in October - Events October 2018

The event of the month is without a doubt the Halloween Party with the famous Parade in the West Village. If you think you want to partake in the parade or simply check it out from the sidewalks, here's where you can find all the information: Halloween New York 2017. But do not forget the parade for Columbus Day, the pride of all the Italian-American New Yorkers in New York.
  • October 4th to the 7th, New York Comic 2018 at the Javits Center Convention Center is unmissable for all fans of comics, manga, video games etc
  • October 8th, the Parade for the Columbus Day celebrations, music, floats and tradition.
  • October 12th to 14th, Open House New York 2018, opportunity to visit private homes and residences around the city.
  • From October 20th, the season for the New York City Holidays Markets begins - Union Square, Bryant Park, Columbus Circle and the Grand Central Terminal; mix with the locals, and buy some Christmas gifts to take back home with you.
  • October 31st Halloween with the famous Parade around the West Village: Get ready for NYC's craziest party.

November Weather: Precipitation & Average Temperatures in New York

In November, the temperatures drop dramatically around 55°F/ 12°C to reach 40°F - 5/6°C at night, snow can already make a first appearance, and if that happens, you do not want to miss a snowy Central Park. Rainy days continue to be scarce during the month, and during the first few weeks, you might still catch the show of colors changing in the city parks and along the avenues; if you love photography, fall in New York is your season.

What to See in November - November 2018 Events

The main event of the month is Thanksgiving Day - Thanksgiving with the Macy's Parade, balloons with floats and the incredible show that takes place in front of New York's Macy Department Store in Heralds’ Square. Of course, I recommend watching the parade, but also walking in the early morning around the floats to check out the preparation and release of the balloons from their nets, go to 79th street and Central Park West in the early morning, the show is unique and you will not want to miss it!
  • New York Marathon 2018 like every year, is held on the first Sunday of November, so this year will be on November 4th. To see it, just find a spot along the streets, choose the best spot and have fun cheering for the runners.
  • November 22nd, we celebrate Thanksgiving, you might be interested in reading more on, How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in New York 2018.
  • Do you love Shopping? Then, Black Friday is your day in New York, the day after Thanksgiving we have Black Friday, the stores are super crowded and discounts reach up to 70% OFF!
  • On Wednesday November 28th, 2018, the magic of Christmas comes to town with the famous Tree Lighting Celebrations at Rockefeller Center that will take place like every year in the famous Plaza. The event starts at 7pm, but if you want to attend, try to arrive early on in the afternoon.

Video of the Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center 2016

Visit New York in the Fall – Here, our Tips:

What to do in the Fall 

As we have seen together, the activities that New York offers during the Fall are several, important parties and events, parades and opportunities to still enjoy some outdoor adventures and open-air walks. Due to some of these special events, the prices may be higher on some weekends / dates, but there may be good deals around, and remember that your Hotel does not have to be necessarily in the heart Times Square! We have some great tips on Where to stay in New York – How to choose a Neighborhood& Hotel. Book ahead of time to get good deals and use one of the special PASSes that include activities and attractions for reduced rates.

How to dress

We are in the Fall, therefore make sure to bring a heavy jacket for the evenings or in case of sudden cold-fronts, towards the end of the season make sure to also have a hat and gloves and sweaters, comfortable shoes in case of rain and/or snow.