Updated: September, 2021

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We have activated the possibility to book now and pay later, if you want to know everything about our offers read: A MORE FLEXIBLE & SECURE WAY TO TRAVEL

Let's Remember the NEW Vaccination Guidelines in NYC

Starting September 13th all indoor venues that allow guests to "stay inside" must require proof of vaccination, i.e. 1-shot of Johnsons & Johnsons or 2-shots of the Moderna or Pfizer Vaccine, or similar COVID-19 vaccines authorized for emergency use by the FDA or WHO. Let's see in more detail here.

How do I show I'm fully vaccinated?

  • The CDC Vaccination Card, you can show original or photocopy and must match a valid photo ID
  • NYC Vaccination Record, original or photocopy, and must match a valid photo ID
  • Other official immunization records whether it is within the US or outside the US, including official letters from your health care provider. Both original or photocopies are accepted and must match a valid photo ID. [GREAT FOR INTERNATIONAL VISITORS]
  • Download and use the "NYC COVID Safe App" available on Android and iOS. The App allows you to upload the photo of your CDC vaccination card (or other official records) and a matching photo ID to validate it.
  • Download and use the "Excelsior Pass" (or Excelsior Pass Plus). This App allows you to validate your record by using the phone number and/or email address that you gave when you were vaccinated in NYC. If you were vaccinated outside NYC, you might have issues using this APP. In that case, you can use one of the other options listed here.

There is no preferred way to show your vaccination status, all methods are equally accepted throughout the city.  Here a list of COVID-19 vaccines that are accepted.

Where do I need to Show Proof?

Indoor dining
This includes restaurants, nightclubs, event spaces, hotel banquet rooms, catering halls, bars, cafeterias, any grocery stores with indoor dining (i.e. Whole Foods Indoor Dining Area) plus any coffee shop, fast food & any other quick-service restaurant with indoor dining areas. The general rule is – If you sit down anywhere inside to eat or drink even for just 5 minutes you must show your vaccination status.

Indoor fitness
This includes all fitness centers and fitness classes of any size, gyms, pools, indoor studios, and dance studios.

Indoor entertainment
This includes all movie theaters, performing arts theaters, broadway theaters, opera, concert halls, other indoor music & concert venues, professional sports arenas & indoor stadiums, museums, exhibition halls, zoos, indoor aquariums, arcades, billiard halls & other recreational game centers, bowling alleys, convention centers, adult entertainment, and other indoor play areas. The general rule is – If you are spending time inside to do any sort of entertainment activity from music to sports, from shows to movies, etc., you must show your vaccination status.

These rules apply to all people, residents and visitors alike, 12 years of age and older.

Tour Changes due to COVID-19

Changes will be made to the schedule of departures and to the operation of the tours offered on our site in order to provide the best possible service in the safest way possible.


Please note that as the cruise industry recovers from Covid-19 pandemic & navigate these unprecedented times of new guidelines and limited traveling, they might have to cancel or reschedule some confirmed departures. If for any reason the cruise you reserved cannot sail on your selected day, you can opt for a full refund or change to a future date (of equal value.)
There is Background Music during the Cruise. They strive to have a live music or DJ during the cruises but unfortunately due to Covid-19, Live Music cannot be guaranteed at this time. In the event a Live Entertainment is not available, pre-recorded entertainment (a music selection) will be played instead. Please not that there are no refunds for lack of Live Music.
Certain upgrades (such as roses, bouquet, ornaments, etc) may not be available now. Please send us a request and we will inquire. All cruises abide to the strict COVID-19 regulations set by the city. Dinner cruises are subject to the same guidelines restaurants must follow including reduced capacity, mandatory mask (except when sitting at the table), social distancing, and limited number of guests per table. If your party exceeds the limit, it will be split in multiple tables.
We apologize for any inconvenience these changes might cause you. Although it seems the toll of Covid-19 in the US is decreasing, the pandemic is still affecting the travel industry. We do sincerely hope the travel industry will recover fully and soon be back to travel like before. For now we hope you and your families keep safe and enjoy (city name) albeit these restrictions.


For all updates, please consult the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State Department and your local Ministry of Health for further and updated information.