Special Offers and Holidays in New York

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Your Trip to New York - Discovering The Real Big Apple

For many travelers, New York remains one of the most desirable, dreamed and sought after destinations ... Maybe it's your first trip overseas and you've been planning it for years, it's the journey of "a lifetime". A city that you have seen a thousand times on TV & Movies and that you finally get to experience it first hand, in short it is a dream come true. Or you come back as often as you can because New York is a city that leaves you speechless and that you never get enough of.

Whether you're an experienced Big Apple Visitor or a Dreamer trying to crown the trip of a lifetime, we at New York Welcome are here to help you realize your "Dream Vacation".

Here below we have created few sections to guide you in choosing the right tours according to the season in which you will be traveling, our special offers to help you save money, and the main Holidays that you might not want to miss.
Our Discount Coupons - How to use them and Save

Our Offers to Discover New York with a New Yorker

Our exclusive Private Tours escorted by local guides are ideal for both the experienced travelers and those arriving in the Big Apple for the first time. After all, how can one expect to visit New York at its best, if not guided by a real Newyorker?

Below you can see our offer for all the Walking and Private Tours with unique and customized Itineraries.

Exclusive Tours in New York with your Local Guide


Our Offers to Discover the New York Surroundings

How many of you arrive in New York and wonder if it is possible to combine the visit of some other city? Why miss the opportunity to visit Philadelphia or the beautiful beaches of the Hamptons, two destinations that you can reach in a couple of hours. Both the capital Washington DC and historic Boston can be visited in one day, it is a 4-hour trip that also gives you the opportunity to see and explore the countryside. Not to mention the famous and much celebrated Niagara Falls and some territories in Canada.

Here is our selection for 1 day tours to multi-day itineraries that will take you exploring cities and natural parks in the Northeast of the United States. You'll find ideal Budget options for families and the more price-conscious travelers, and Private Tour options for travelers looking for something more personalized.

Not just New York with our Day Trips and Multi-Day Tours

Main Holidays and Events

New York offers a multitude of Events, Holidays and Anniversaries. The magic of Christmas and the joy of the New Year; the Thanksgiving Day parade and the 4th July Fireworks for the Independence Day. These are just some of the most important annual celebrations

To better enjoy these celebrations NewYork-Welcome offers you some of the most popular activities you can do in the Big Apple, and for any other information: Write us!

See our Offers for the Holidays:
There are many events and festivals related to Fashion, Food, Art, Cinema and Entertainment, such as Fashion Week, Restaurant Week and Tribeca Film Festival. Do not miss the most bizarre Parade in New York: the Easter parade on Fifth Avenue.

And for all sports enthusiasts: the New York City Marathon! The most followed marathon in the world!!

Tours and Special Activities For The Most Important Holidays