Summer in New York: What to do and what to visit

Our Guide to the Summer Events in The Big Apple

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New York Summer Weather

New York has a continental weather with cold winters and hot Summers. So, Summer, that begins in June and lasts till the end of August, will be warm and humid, and then in September, the weather will become more enjoyable and less humid. In the Summer, especially in the last week of July and early August, the hot-humid weather can be a heavy combination, and if you do not like the air-conditioning much, some places can become difficult for you due to the incredible difference in temperatures between outdoors and indoors. Try to always have a light cotton scarf or a light jacket to put on your shoulders, it will become very useful when you use the Subway or enter a store. The activities New York offers during the summer months are so many and clearly all open-air. Let's look a little more in details at the weather and activities month by month.

July Weather in New York

Let's start with the New York Weather in July - July is usually a month that begins with cool, sunny days and then comes to very high temperatures. Rain isn’t missing either, nor are those typical summer afternoon thunderstorms.

Average Temperature in July in New York

In the first few weeks of the month, the average temperature is 70°F / 22°C degrees, with the highs reaching 85°F/29°C degrees during the day and the lows around 65°F/18°C degrees at night. The last week of July is historically the hottest, with the high that sometimes even reaches 100°F / 35° C degrees. So, in July you can find nice days, maybe with brief rainfalls at the beginning of the month and then it gets warmer and hotter towards the end of the month, keeping even the lows around 75/80°F 23/25°C but this will give you the chance to spend some beautiful evenings walking around the city.

Average rainfall in July in New York

July is a rainy month with an average of 11 days of rain (115mm of rain) and some afternoon thunderstorms, having with you a small umbrella can be useful. One thing you'll discover right away is that any Weather Forecast App in New York can also give you the exact time when it will supposedly start raining and especially the area! It’s not always 100% accurate, but it’s close enough. Consult it before leaving the hotel / house: Weather in New York

What to See in July - Events July 2017

The main event of the month is Independence Day celebrated on July 4th. All the details on what to do and how to celebrate this day all about the stars and stripes, you can find it here - Independence Day. BBQ, Baseball Games and then Fireworks! After July 4th, then there are many other things to do. During the Summer, there are many free concerts in the parks, and you can keep up-to-date here: Summer Stage Festival

  • The 4th of July and the Independence Day Cruise to Watch the Fireworks from the Bay. Cruises and Fireworks of July 4.
  • Visit Governors Island. Take the Ferry from Battery Park and spend the day on this island that offers unique views of Manhattan, Liberty Island and the Bay. Rent a bike or walk around.
  • Outdoor Cinema & Movie Nights. Summer in New York is home to many outdoor theaters, you will find movies screening in Bryant Park with the HBO Bryant Park Film Festival, Brooklyn, Central Park and the Hudson River. Bring a towel and sit down among New Yorkers!
  • Restaurant Week gives you the chance to eat in renowned restaurants famous for their great Chefs at low prices. This year's Summer Restaurant Week 2017 starts on July 24th until August 18th. You can book your table starting July 10 always on Open Table. The reservation is recommended but you can also try to walk-in and ask for a table. Open Table.
  • From July 10th to the 31st, Appointment with Summer-Garden: New Music for New York
  • On July 15th, CITY OF WATER DAY is celebrated, events held at Governor's Island and in Hoboken, New Jersey and in many Manhattan’s neighborhoods.

August Weather in New York

August is the month of vacations, New York is filled with tourists from all over the world, but it is typically very high even the presence of domestic tourism. So, you'll often find yourself among many people, long lines to enter museums and attractions, and to sit at restaurants and cafés. What to expect from the weather? Well during August, little by little the temperatures will start dropping!

August Average Temperatures in New York

After the first two weeks of August, during which time the temperatures will be pretty much stable as per July’s last two weeks, the temperatures will start returning to highs around 80-85°F / 25-29° C degrees and lows around 65-68°F / 18-19° C degrees and drop even a little more towards the end of the month.

August Average Rainfall in New York

Even the rainfall decreases in August, still leaving room for some afternoon summer storms. It will be pleasant to walk around, and visit the parks around New York. In Central Park, among the many activities you can choose from, a bike ride and a boat trip in the pond. And I remind you that among the other parks to visit, we have the beautiful Brooklyn park of Prospect Park and the new park of Governors Island.

What to See in August - August 2018 Events

  • As every year the U.S. Opens returns to New York for all Tennis enthusiasts! Great matches at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows starting August 29th.
  • The NYC Restaurant Week will continue until the 18th, find your "I wish but I can’t afford it” restaurant and once again treat yourself to a great chef-renowned dinner.
  • The Giglio Feast of Saint Anthony August 10th/13th in East Harlem for our Italian Friends, the India Day Parade, August 20th from 38th St. East and down on Madison Avenue, and, the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival August 12th/13th in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens. These are the festivals and parades of August
  • The Summer Streets will animate the evenings of August 6, 13 and 20 with Music, Dances, Entertainment, Sports Contests and more. The New York White Nights!
  • Central Park Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Theater, and at the Lincoln Center, evening dedicated to classical music, opera and ballet, while at Bryant Park continues the Bryant Park Film Festival.
  • Do not miss visiting Governor's Island on August 13th and 14th for a dive in the 20s with jazz music and vintage costumes. On August 20th, at Pier 97, we will celebrate the big Blues and BBQ Festival!

September Weather in New York

If you can choose the time of your vacation, September is one of the best months to visit the Big Apple. The temperatures are mild, the rainfall drops, and walking around the city will be a pleasure. The perfect month to go on one of the Observatories with outdoor terraces, the Empire or the Top of the Rock, visit Liberty and Ellis Island, enjoy the views of Central Park from the terrace of the Metropolitan Museum, stroll along Hudson River during the sunset.

Average Temperatures for September in New York

Temperatures will set around 60° to 77°F, 16° to 25°C degrees, leaving you free to walk without suffering the damp heat of the months of July and August.

Average Rainfall for September in New York

The rain-days will decrease from the high of July with its 11 days of rain, to a more reasonable and pleasurable 6-7 days of rain in September.

What to See in September - Events September 2018

Since September 11th, 2001, the city of New York brings a feeling of unity and solidarity. On this day, we remember the attacks at the Twin Towers, the commemorations are many, all are aimed to remember and honor those we lost while being together united; a triumph of human dignity and valor over the depravity of terror by affirming the fundamental value of human life. Of all the most engaging celebrations is certainly the Tribute in Light, the light installation that on September 11th projects two beams of light and illuminates the place where the Towers once stood bringing them back to life. The lights projected toward the sky can be seen at a great distance.

  • With Labor Day, we say goodbye to the Summer, the last weekend of the summer season is September 2nd to the 5th but as usual in New York, we even celebrate the end of Summer with big celebrations.
  • September 4th, is the day dedicated to Brazil, Brazilian Day, to celebrate the Independence in Brazil. Brazilian music and colors fill the street of Little Brazil near Times Square. The next day, you can instead attend the extravagant and colorful Caribbean Parade - the New York Caribbean Carnival held in Brooklyn with dances, music and lots of typical Caribbean foods. A tip for you, if you want to participate, but you do not like to be in the middle of crowded places with lots of people, go early on in the morning, as time goes by, temperatures, crowds and more will rise .... The true Parade dedicated to Labor Day will be held on September 10th, the parade celebrates Workers, and departs from 44th Street going towards 67th Street along the Fifth Avenue.
  • Fashion Week from the 7th to the 15th of September hosts the greatest fashion designers. Many of the events are invitation-only but for some you can buy the Fashion Week 2018- tickets
  • Remember Little Italy for the Feast of San Gennaro (September 15th – 25th) the most popular Italian festival. Although Little Italy is no longer the historic Little Italy we once knew, during the Feast we can find some authentic Italian vibes with Italian musicians, foods and vendors. If you want something even more authentic, you will find it in Arthur Avenue, the Little Italy of the Bronx. You can go there with our licensed New York City Tour Guide Irene.

Travel - Best Time to Visit New York

When is the best time to travel to New York? It is not an easy question to answer, although on impetus we might say Spring with the months of April, May and June, and then the months of September and October; it is also true that New York is always a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. The mid-seasons are those with months with milder temperatures, less rainfall and low humidity levels, and then the months when nature gifts us her best: in the Spring, the cherry trees are blooming, all parks and avenues are full of bright colors; In the Fall, the foliage transforms New York into a colorful mix of red, orange, yellow and bordeaux hues. If you think of New York as a great metropolis, all skyscrapers, cement and cars, then think again. New York has huge outdoor spaces devoted to parks, neighborhood gardens, and green spaces all around.

Visit New York in the Summer, our Tips:

What to do during the Summer

The activities that New York offers during the summer are so many, if you are planning your trip to New York this time of the year, you will have so many opportunities to have fun and discover the Big Apple pleasantly while enjoying the outdoors. Just be smart, it’s not any different from what you would usually do in your hometown to protect yourself in case of great heat and extreme sun exposure. Wear hats, apply sunscreen lotion, stay hydrated etc. Another thing to be aware of in the inevitable crowd that is found in the Summer, like any other place, New York is filled with tourists, but you can avoid overcrowded areas by visiting the most touristic parts of town early in the morning or in the evening, and spend the rest of the day exploring the off the beaten path places to discover the New York City of the locals. The one that remains outside the usual touristic itineraries; And then you have the New York Bay which offers a lot, you can find some advices on our page: Harbor Cruises and Sailing trip through the New York Bay

How to dress

Lightweight and comfortable dresses, T-shirts and shorts, some light jacket and shawls for ladies to wear on cooler evenings. Comfortable shoes, in New York you walk a lot. Sunglasses and hats. A comfortable backpack where you can carry a towel, if you stop in some park, and a bottle of water. If you are going to visit some local beach, swimsuit ... and always good sunscreen. Bring a light raincoat and umbrella for the rainy days.

Beach & Sea in the Summer in New York

Of course, in New York you can easily go to the Beach. Take the Subway and with just $ 2.75 you go to Coney Island, it is the nearest beach and offers not only the opportunity to swim and sunbathe, but also many places to stop for a bite and then there is the newly restored Luna Park with the Ferris Wheel, a real day trip. Stop by Nathan's for a Hot Dog and if you are here in June, do not miss the Mermaid Parade (last Saturday in June) you will see all the colors you can imagine!!!

Other beaches you can visit for a day:

  • Sandy Hook, here we are in New Jersey, looking at the Skyline of Manhattan from a distance. A wonderful natural park and easy to reach with the ferry. Surely amongst the most beautiful beaches to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sandy Hook from New York
  • Long Beach: you can reach it leaving from Penn Station by train, LIRR line.
  • Jones Beach: Always from Penn Station with the train, LIRR line.