Manhattanhenge - What is it?


We all love sunsets, don't we? Well, there are two special dates that you might want to save on your calendar, also known as the Manhattan Solstice.

It's when Manhattanhenge is in "town"! More specifically, on these two dates the Sun will set perfectly perpendicularly to our east-west grid plan ... in layman words, you will see the sun setting down right in between the streets of New York City.

This special sunset alignment usually happens during the end of May (the 1st day) and later around mid-July (2nd day). This year safe the date of July 12th  2019 at 8:20!!

Manhattanhenge - Where to watch it?

The best streets are the famous cross-town streets such as 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, and 57th Streets.

Also very popular, the Tudor City Park (over 42nd street) and the Grand Central Terminal Bridge over Pershing Square.

Just be careful when you are trying to snap the perfect photo and/or video, none of the streets are shut-down for this "unofficial" happening and thus traffic will be at an all-time high during rush hours. Also, always follow Police directives, if you are asked to clear a certain area.

Just an FYI, in case you do love Sunrises, and wake up early enough to get those, in December and later in January, the sunrise will also align perfectly over the east-west streets grid plan.