The Popular NYC Restaurant Week - Winter 2020 Edition


The Winter Edition of New York's Restaurant Week is back and will start on January 21st. This year more than 350 restaurants are participating.

With the Winter season and the cold temperatures, the appetite increases as well. If you are planning your trip to New York sometime between January 21 and February 9, you have the opportunity to book excellent restaurants and taste the different cuisines that only New York knows how to offer at very unbeatable prices.


We remind you that 350+ restaurants offer special two and three course meals at a fixed price: Lunch for $ 26 and Dinner for $ 42.

Where & Why You Should Book in Advance

Book directly online on the official web-site, click-here, we suggest you do it in advance because many restaurants, especially the popular ones, can easily be SOLD OUT ... Although it's true that Restaurant Week lasts for a long 3-week time, still many New Yorkers take advantage of it, and it can get difficult to find a last-minute table at your favorite eatery.

We remind you that some restaurants do not include Saturdays in their specials, and others have Sundays as an option, tax, and tips are not included in the pre-fix price, some may offer soft-drinks included in the price.

So look for your favorite Restaurant for a fun evening out, and if you can't find it for dinner, try the very popular lunch option.

If you want to learn more about Restaurants and Dining Options in NYC - read our article offering tips on how to choose and save when eating out even outside of Restaurant Week --- RESTAURANTS IN NEW YORK CITY - HOW TO DINE WELL WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK IN THE BIG APPLE