Ferry to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty with your Explorer NYC Pass

Ferry to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty with your Explorer NYC Pass

Location: New York Bay
Tour: Ferry Ticket to Liberty & Ellis Island
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The only Ferry that will take you to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island - Visit two of the most iconic Landmarks of our country and enjoy great panoramic views of the Bay and Skyline.


Ferry to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty Ellis Island National Monument located 1 mile south-west of Battery Park, is home of the Immigration Museum, here 12 million immigrants passed through for a new life in America! The Museum is dedicated to the immigration history in America, from the arrival of the first immigrants to modern days. The American Immigrant Wall of Honor displays the names of over 600.000 immigrants, among which George Washington’s great-grandfather. Among the many exhibits, the one called "Through America’s Gate" illustrates the process immigrants went through before being granted the entry visa.

Statue of Liberty, the best remembered work sculptor F. A. Bartholdi, is the most famous piece of sculpture in America, and has become a symbol of Freedom and Democracy. The Statue stands on a pedestal of Stony Creek granite. The Statue is located on a small island in the Harbor called Liberty Island, this statue stands 305 feet from ground and weights 225 Tons and her head is surrounded by a radiant crown.

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Ellis Island Immigration Museum
Admission Ticket with Priority Entrance
Visit the Statue of Liberty
Panoramic views of the Bay


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Ferry Departure Point to Liberty Park


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