Best Times to Visit Maine: Seasonal Travel Guide & Tips


THE BEST TIMES TO  visit Maine 

When to Visit Maine? The Best Times for Every Need

At the northeastern tip of the USA lies Maine, the state located at the extreme north of the country, bordering Canada. This region is characterized by stunning rugged coastlines, picturesque harbor towns, wonderful national parks, and excellent cuisine; visiting Maine is also worthwhile to witness the autumnal foliage that makes the landscape even more romantic each year.

The most well-known city in the state is Portland, along the Atlantic coast, while the capital is the smaller city of Augusta. But what are the best times to visit Maine for tourism? It depends on each traveler's needs. Here are the main seasons to visit, for every type of tourist:
  • Peak season: from June to August
  • Shoulder season: late spring and early autumn
  • Off-season: from November to April.

Best Times for the Weather

September is an exceptional time to visit Maine: temperatures are still warm and pleasant, almost like summer, but at the same time, the number of tourists is lower compared to August, allowing for more tranquility and avoiding the stress of overcrowding.

It's easier to move around then, with a great climate and no longer excessively humid, perfect for outdoor activities as well as evening strolls.

In September, it is still widely possible to swim in the ocean: the water temperature during the day is pleasant: in short, a simply perfect balance for those who love summer weather, but not oppressive (average temperatures hover around 16°C) and wish to avoid the crowds.

Those who prefer a warm climate can choose to visit Maine in July and August, when average temperatures rarely exceed 32°C; however, remember that this is the height of the peak season, and the tourist flow will be at its maximum.

Best Times to Avoid Tourist Crowds

There are several periods throughout the year when you can visit Maine without encountering crowds of tourists. Within the peak season, the most recommended month to visit is June, although it should be noted that due to the still rainy weather, it might not be possible to go to the beach.

Generally, June, late August, and September are quite good, within the peak season, to avoid too much crowd and enjoy the activities to the fullest.

Compared with the lively summer season, September and October are significantly less crowded. Autumn in Maine is a genuine spectacle due to the foliage phenomenon (the typical coloring of autumn leaves) that makes the landscape of this area even more fascinating.

The pace slows down and the climate is really pleasant and dry. Those not interested in beach life might consider this time for touring Maine.

Best Times for Low Spending

During the winter and early spring (thus between January and April), you can find in Maine the lowest prices of all compared to any other season. The temperatures are low and many restaurants and resorts are closed, so this period might not be suitable for every traveler, however, there are also numerous advantages.

The main reason to visit Maine in winter is definitely the possibility of winter sports. Lovers of cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing, or sleigh rides, will find their paradise here, all while staying at incredibly low prices.

Another undeniable advantage is the presence of few tourists, with the opportunity to have a peaceful winter vacation, in an almost fairy-tale atmosphere with walks in the snow, seasonal traditions, and warm drinks by the fireplace at the end of the day…in short, an extraordinary opportunity for those who love the cold.

Among the typical traditions of Maine during this period, you must not miss the Maple Sunday, which takes place on the last Sunday of March. On this occasion, maple syrup producers allow visitors to access their factories, showing them how the syrup is made and giving away samples.

Finally, to take a break from outdoor life and spend some days indoors, there are no shortage of cultural attractions. The city of Portland is rich in museums, including the Portland Museum of Art, with a collection of over 18,000 works of art (including the famous local artist Winslow Homer), the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co and Museum, an exhibition dedicated to historic trains that will also delight children.

For those in Maine in winter and wanting to spend an indoor day with the family, an excellent idea is to visit the Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine, a place where the little ones are encouraged to learn through play and creativity; a kid-sized town where they can manage shops and try out different professions: definitely not to be missed. The pace slows down and the climate is really pleasant and dry. Those not interested in beach life might consider this time for touring Maine.






Best Times to Taste Maine Lobster

Without a doubt, Maine lobster is the most famous dish throughout the New England region. It is not exactly the lobster as known in Europe, but a unique variant called American lobster, a crustacean that lives in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Many travelers come to Maine specifically to taste famous dishes like the Lobster Roll (a kind of sandwich), Lobster and Cob (lobster with roasted corn cob and salted butter), and New England Lobster Pie (a savory spiced pie, always with a lobster base).
The best places to try these dishes are not so much restaurants but rather the shacks (locally called "Shacks"), small charming venues that evoke a bygone era, where you can also relatively spend less to taste these exquisite dishes.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the state offers more than just lobster, there are many seafood products that enrich the local cuisine: bluefin tuna, halibut, scallops, oysters, and mussels. All local products that are a must-try if visiting Maine.

Visitors who want to plan their trip based on local gastronomy, particularly lobster, should choose the autumn. The end of September is indeed the peak of the fishing season and the crustaceans are very fresh.

An interesting fact: there's another marine product that is becoming popular on Maine's tables. It is kelp, a very flavorful brown algae (with extraordinary antioxidant properties) from which many dishes are made, even burgers. Over the past decade, kelp has become a staple on local tables and is featured on many local restaurant menus: why not give it a try?

Worst Times to Visit Maine

The title of this paragraph is meant to provoke. In reality, there's no absolute worst time to visit: it depends on each traveler's needs. As we have seen, each season has its advantages and disadvantages, so it all depends on what activities you prefer to do in this charming New England state.

It is therefore useful to recap the seasons based on what they have to offer to tourists.
  • Spring. Early spring is cold and snowy, perfect for winter sports, but as the thaw begins, it probably becomes the worst season from a climatic point of view due to the heavy rains; however, the low prices definitely make up for this drawback.
  • Summer. It is extremely crowded with tourists and hotel prices are among the highest, but if traffic and crowded restaurants don't bother you too much, July and August are perfect for beach life. It is also worth noting that you must book well in advance for this season.
  • Autumn. Although the temperatures do not allow for swimming, the weather is still fairly mild and pleasant; it is also the best season to enjoy lobster-based dishes and to avoid too much crowd during the stay.
  • Winter. Those who love to snuggle by the fire after a long day of skiing or fishing should definitely choose this season to tour Maine. The low prices are a further advantage, even though many local spots and restaurants remain closed.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: If you are visiting New York it may be nice to plan an excursion to Maine. We organize individual private tours with a guide, for small groups of friends or for large groups by coach. See our itinerary in USAWelcome: Travel to New England with some of the best places to visit, free to choose places and time to dedicate to this region rich in beauty.

We are waiting for you in New York ready to discover New England!










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