Central Park Dresses in Pink


It doesn't take much for Central Park to transform into a burst of pink, yellow and red hues. In just a few days, Spring has sprung and this morning this is how the park has decided to "show off" ...

Cherry blossoms almost everywhere,
I am around the north-west part of the Bridle path in the park, behind the cherry trees, you can glimpse the beautiful San Remo playing peek-a-boo with the pink flowers. It's a 1930 building that overlooks Central Park West in the historic district of the Upper West Side which is totally worth a visit and which I told you about in one of my personalized itineraries >>>

A new Vaccine-Passport to return to our normal lives - The Excelsior Passport

On March 25th, I had the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, it wasn't exactly a walk in the park this time, but with a little rest and some Ibuprofen pills, I am back in business and fully VACCINATED -- YAYY!!

Well, my vaccination wasn't exactly the news I wanted to share :-) .. The main news is that the State of New York has launched its first vaccine passport
Excelsior Passport is the name of the new smartphone application, the first of its kind in the United States. Officially launched last Friday, it immediately engaged with thousands of New Yorkers who are testing the program.

The medical centers that administer the COVID vaccines or test for the coronavirus are able to upload data to the application that will function like an airline boarding pass.

Once the passport is activated, a secure QR code is generated which can be shown and scanned at the entrance, so you can access events, theaters, stadiums for matches & concerts, and much more. This means that New York is starting to turn its lights back on!

As soon as the borders reopen, we are waiting for you in the city that never sleeps and never gives up!