Ellis Island National Monument

Explore The Immigration Hub & Museum

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WHERE: New York Bay
OPENING HOURS: 9:30 am– 4:00 pm
ACTIVITY: Sightseeing

The Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Ellis Island National Monument located 1 mile south west of Battery Park, is home of the Immigration Museum, here 12 million immigrants passed through for a new life in America! The Museum is dedicated to the immigration history in America, from the arrival of the first immigrants to modern days.

The island was bought by the Government in 1808 to build a Fort to protect the city from a British Naval Invasion, but saw not action. In 1892 it was designated as main receiving station for immigrant, the first Immigrant to be admitted was 13 years old Annie Moore born in Cork, Ireland, who arrived as a passenger of the USS Nevada.

The station burned to the ground five years later.

Ellis Island Museum Hours

Every day from 9.30 am to 6 pm
Closed: Christmas Day

Ferry to Ellis Island

Every day from 9.30 am to 6 pm
Closed: Christmas Day

Map and Video - The Immigration Museum


In 1900 the new fireproof buildings opened and that day received 2251 immigrants. The main building is built in French renaissance style with red brick and exuberant granite and limestone trim.

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor displays the names of over 600.000 immigrants, among which George Washington’s great-grandfather. Among the many exhibits, the one called "Through America’s Gate" illustrates the process immigrants went through before being granted the entry visa.Several million American citizens can trace their roots through Ellis Island museum.

Located on the second floor is the gigantic Registry Room, where the inspectors’ desks are on display.

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