New York City Marathon

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What to know about the New York Marathon.

The New York Marathon is one of the marathons with the highest attendance in the world, with athletes and amateur runners flying from all over the world to participate. There is max number of participants allowed (approx 37 thousands), and apart from the athletes, runners can apply through a lottery. The Marathon is held on the first Sunday of November.

The New York Marathon crosses all 5 boroughs, beginning in Staten Island from Verrazano Bridge, which quickly fills with runners, the race moves through Brooklyn, then enters Queens through the Pulaski Bridge (half way through the marathon), continuing into Manhattan and the Bronx. In the last 5 miles runners cross Harlem, down Fifth Avenue and into Central Park, where the Race ends. The time limit to end the race is 8 hours.

2012 was the year of the horrible Hurricane Sandy that brought a large part of the island of Manhattan to its knees, not to mention Brooklyn and New Jersey. That year the Marathon was first confirmed but then definitively canceled only the previous day and all this led to much controversy ... But it was also demonstration by the participants of great understanding and I still remember the thrill of seeing Central Park completely invaded by runners who have run their marathon anyway!

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