Brooklyn Bridge

WHERE: Lower Manhattan
ACTIVITY: Sightseeing

Brooklyn Bridge a New York Icon

Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York’s greatest landmarks, certainly the most known and most loved bridge in the city. The Pedestrian access to the Bridge (on the Manhattan side) is just outside City Hall Park, (on the Brooklyn side) the access by staircase is on Prospect Street, in Dumbo.The Boardwalk elevated above the roadway is dived into bike and pedestrian lanes

Brooklyn Bridge was one of the first bridges to be built with steel and during that time and it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. (Today is at the 66th place). The Bridge opened in 1883 after a construction of about 14 years, employing more than 4000 construction workers and about 15 million dollars, making it one of the largest projects completed during that era.The bridge is made of steel and granites; the steel-wires are fastened to the towers located at the ends of the bridge.

A visit to Brooklyn Bridge is mandatory to admire the wonderful Manhattan skyline from a unique scenic lookout point and one of the best time of the day to visit Brooklyn Bridge is at sunset when the Manhattan Skyline lights up while the sun goes down and the sky seems on fire. Take our Bike Tour at Sunset with professional guide to enjoy this amazing experience!

Do you like take pictures? Don't miss the gorgeous views @Sunset from Brooklyn:
A Private Tour with a guide:
Sunset on the East Side: Dumbo - Williamsburg – LIC with Ferry at Sunset

Brooklyn is the fourth largest city in the United States and is connected to Manhattan by the bridges of Brooklyn and Manhattan .... here is our video

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