Broadway Theater District and Times Square

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Broadway is the only avenue that crosses Manhattan diagonally. The stretch of this famous avenue near Times Square is part of the Theater District, home of many important and well-known theaters and the world acclaimed musicals. The city’s theater district developed during the first three decades of the 20th century. Times Square best season came in 1927-28, when 80 theaters were in operation (Today there are 39 Broadway Theater.) The Depression devastated Broadway and many theaters were converted to Burlesque theaters or to movie houses offering second-run movies and x-rated adult-only movies. By the 1970s the area was known for crime, drug dealing and prostitution. The turnaround began in 1980s, and in 1992 the Times Square Alliance was founded to promote the area, improve public safety and bolster economic development. Today Times Square is cleaner, safer, more profitable and more visitors-friendly that it was a decade ago.

Performing in a Broadway production is for many singers, actors and dancers, one of the most important achievements in a career. Seeing a Broadway Show is undoubtedly an opportunity that no one should miss. Among the longest ongoing productions you will find world-wide famous musicals such as The Lion King, Chicago and many other!  

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Times Square

Times Square is not an actual square, is an intersection between 2 main avenues: Broadway and 7th Avenue. The square is named after the famous newspaper, the New York Times, which moved here its headquarters in the 1970s. Times Square has become the most visited place in New York City.

Thousands of visitors come here every day to experience the spectacle of neon lights and giant LED screens. The portion of Broadway between 42nd and 47th street is closed to traffic and it is accessible only to pedestrians. Here you will find umbrellas, tables and chairs available to everybody. Just sit down and enjoy the frantic and frenzied life of this famous square.Times Square is also the home of New York New Year’s Eve Celebration, when the ball drops down from the spire of a Times Square building and the countdown begins!
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